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Blocks for the future
– a deep dive into blockchain and 5G

Bitcoin. Blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies. Everyone is talking about them, but what do these terms really mean? 

The market of cryptocurrencies had its peak in January 2018, with a total market cap of $800 billion and the hype was enormous. The bubble may have burst, but the underlying blockchain technology behind these currencies has a great potential. Some of the evangelists are saying that blockchain is the future and can change the way we think and look at the internet today.

At Umeå Tech Arena we will dive deep into blockchain. What is it? Where does the technology have an application – and where does it not? And are the evangelists right, is blockchain the future?

But, that’s not all.

5G is the next generation of cellular mobile communications. Umeå has been selected as the first 5G test city, putting both Umeå and Sweden in the forefront of development of new infrastructures and services in Europe. 

At Umeå Tech Arena we will talk more about 5G and give some examples of services that can be fully realized with the new technology. We will also discuss how Umeå can leverage on being appointed as a 5G test city.

Packed with upcoming startups

For the first time Demo Day – the grand finale for the participants in The Startup Program by Uminova Innovation – will be a part of Umeå Tech Arena. Before the pre-mingle you will have the opportunity to listen to pitches from the 11 participants in the Startup Program this fall. Some others startups will be pitching during the main program.

There is also time set aside for networking and making new friends within the startup- and techcommunity.


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Umeå Tech Arena

Wednesday 28 november  2018

15.45 – The doors are opened

16.15-17.00 – Demo Day (optional)

Packed with nerves and energy  this is an oppurtunity to meet some of the hot upcoming startup companies in Umeå. 

The 11 participants in Uminova Innovations Startup Program fall 2018 will pitch and get valuable feedback from a panel of investors.

They also have the chance to lay their hands on stipends of a total sum of 50 000 SEK. The winner is announced as part of the main stage program later in the evening.

(Demo Day will be held in Swedish)

17.00-18.00 – Mingle and networking

Sparkling wine on the house. 

Mingle and talk to the participants in the Startup Program by Uminova Innovation. 

The bar will be open and you have the opportunity to buy yourself a chicken wrap for 75 SEK (which will make you feel full and satisfied for the rest of the evening).

18.00-20.00 – Stage program; Blocks for the future - a deep dive into blockchain and 5G

Keynotes; "What is Blockhain?" and "The 5G evolution; Enabling future forestry?"

Fireside chat, "The future of blockchain"

Interview, "Why is 5G important for everyone in Umeå?"

Pitching from Arboreal and OAZER

Demo Day winners

(See detalied descriptions below)

20.00-22.00 – After-party and mingle

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Speakers, panel members and startups

Boh Westerlund
Founder of OAZER

Startup pitch

OAZER is a Swedish company that have developed smaller Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS) then the conventional stations that are rolled out all over the world. These HRS makes it possible to put up HRS not only in larger cities but also in remote areas, as is the case with traditional gas stations today.

They are also, as the only HRS in the world, adapted to the cold Arctic climate, why the roll out starts in Umeå.

Boh Westerlund

Boh Westerlund is the founder of OAZER and has a long experience of vehicles and especially Electric Vehicles (EV). He has now moved to develop Hydrogen Fuel Cell EVs (FC-EVs). OAZERs HRS are developed to make it possible to roll out FC-EVs also in the northern part of Sweden. Boh is also the founder of Hybricon who early retrofitted Toyota Prius to Plug in Hybrids. They also developed the fully electric HAW-buses that is in traffic in Umeå aswell as the Ultra fast charging stations for them.

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Johan Ekenstedt
Founder of Arboreal

Startup pitch

Get rid of all your manual measurements in the forest! Let us embrace the technology of Augumented Reality and digitize all the features in the forest in your phone. Arboreal has been successful with the development of the technical side, but will the users understand the benefits or will they stick with the same technology they have been using for decades?

Johan Ekenstedt

Johan Ekenstedt has a long background in the forestry sector and love to use IoT, Drones and ML in the forest in order to make the work funnier and more effectively.

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Oscar Janson
Risk expert and Senior Developer at Cinnober Financial Technology

Panel member in the fireside chat "The future of blockchain"

With an interest in technology and research backed up by a background in physics, Oskar delves deep into subjects. Researching cryptocurrency and blockchain has been particularly enjoyable due to the quick pace of developments and the challenges it faces as a new asset class and nascent technology. Other areas of interest include risk management and computational finance.

Oscar Janson

Oskar Janson is a risk expert and senior developer at Cinnober Financial Technology. He has been heavily involved with Cinnober's investigations into cryptocurrency and blockchain since 2013. He has a degree in engineering physics from Umeå University.

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Johan Forsman and Karl Forsman
Business Developer and Business Consultant at Tieto

The 5G evolution; Enabling future forestry?

Mobile communication has transformed over four generations. Will the 5th generation be an evolution or a revolution? What are the possibilities in the wake of the 5G hype? Will the new technical baseline enable industrial gain or is this another technical step enabling more accessible Netflix for the private consumer? We explore the scenario of having an fully established national distribution of 5G and take an industry perspective. This is the forest industries views on business renewing use cases enabled by the 5G technology.

Johan Forsman and Karl Forsman

Johan Forsman is a business developer, product manager and principal solution architect at Tieto Product Development Services. Johan has over 20 years of experience in development of telecommunication mobile systems and is currently involved in business opportunities in the emerging telecom landscape, introducing NFV, 5G and IoT technologies. Domain of expertise include mobile networks in general, radio access networks and virtualization technology in specific.

Karl Forsman is a business consultant at Tieto Forest Consulting with a background in the forest industry and the telecom sector. Karl comes from the forest sector where he worked with resource management  and has experience with practical forestry, logistics and drones for forestry. The first contact with IT and forestry was the start-up he based on his master thesis, who produced lumber yard inventory reports based on drone imagery.

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Gisela Edendahl
Blockchain for Business ambassador at IBM

What is Blockchain?

“Technology in itself can be cool, but to be a success it should be something that can significantly improve, change or make something possible. Something that could improve the way we are living and working

What is a blockchain? Is it as important as the internet? Blockchain expert Gisela Edendahl will give an introduction to the blockchain technology and an understanding of how it can be used. Where does the technology have an application – and where does it not?

Gisela Edendahl

Gisela works with business development and transformation within IBMs channel- and ecosystem unit. She started her IT career as a system architect and has during the years had different roles, technical as well as sales. She has an MBA from Henley Business School and has studied at London School of Economics. She is IBM Blockchain consulting- and developer certified.  She is a member of IBM Volunteers where she teaching children and young people in Information Technology.

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Jenny Eklund
Coordinator of Umeå 5G

Why is 5G important for everyone in Umeå?

In the summer 2018 it was announced that Umeå will be the first 5G test city in Sweden – putting both Umeå and Sweden in the forefront of development of new infrastructures and services in Europe. The project – Umeå 5G – focuses on building the infrastructure and innovation arena for 5G in Umeå, starting with the university and the university hospital but also creating a space in whole Umeå where future products, services - and business models - can be developed and tested.

The project hopes the test environment will lead to an increased interest from industries and enterprises, which will lead to the rise of start-ups that are connected to 5G. Because, it’s not the 5G itself that is interesting, it’s the possibilities that the technology creates and how we can use it to develop our society.

But why should you as a startup, industry or enterprise be a part of Umeå 5G? What can you be a part of? And when will things start to happen?

Jenny Eklund

Jenny Eklund is coordinator for Umeå 5G. She is also an entrepreneur, who runs a business where she and her partners helps corporations and organizations in their transformation process and business development.

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Nils-Olof Forsgren
CEO at Uminova Innovation

Panel member in the fireside chat "The future of blockchain"

New tech trends that challenges established sectors to open up for startups is something that interests Nils-Olof, he also likes mechanisms and movements behind the formation of innovative regions and places that evolve into leading ecosystems for innovation and regeneration.

Nils-Olof Forsgren

Nils-Olof Forsgren has more than 25 years of experience from the tech sector, with a special focus on software, internet and new business models for startups. Nils-Olof has experience from early startups and larger corporations and he has also been the head of Sweden’s technical attaches in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Since 2007 he is the CEO of Uminova Innovation.

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